“Onion thrips are the most destructive pest of onions in Utah, not only for their heavy feeding, but because they vector the iris yellow spot virus. They thrive in hot, arid conditions. Feeding symptoms include whitish streaking of the foliage, plant wilting, and during July and August (when bulbs are rapidly enlarging), reduced bulb size due to loss of plant vigor.”- Utah State Extension Small Fruits and Vegetables IPM Advisory
Don’t let the thrips get you down! There are some great resistance techniques that are completely organic. If you already see them, use your hose to spray a hard stream of water on your plants. Spraying heavily will dislodge and drown them. By applying straw mulch, you can severely reduce thrip populations. To avoid thrips in the future, plant your onions with your carrots. Companion planting is a great way to avoid pests!
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