Now that your squashes are beginning to blossom and some may even be producing, it’s time to watch out for squash bugs. In areas of heavy eating, leaves and plants will wilt and eventually die if the numbers become excessive. Physical monitoring from you can play a huge help. Look on the undersides of your squashes’ leaves for eggs. Use duct tape to remove them!
Squash bugs hatching
It is very important to monitor for eggs (look on the undersides of leaves at V’s of leaf veins) because when they hatch, the nymphs are very easy to treat (or, remove the eggs altogether). Nymphs will often feed in clusters on the undersides of leaves and sometimes on the developing fruit. As they get older, they disperse and are more difficult to treat. They feed by sucking plant juices, causing yellow speckling and browning.” -Utah State Extension Small Fruits and Vegetables IPM Advisory
Removing eggs with duct tape
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