I contemplated what to post this morning and then the light bulb went off. More than 10 people have come in our office this week to talk to our Master Gardener’s about Spider Mites. Yuck!

“When conditions are hot, dry, and dusty, a complete generation from egg to adult may take as few as 7 days, allowing them to build from a few to many hundred on a single plant. As mites feed, they suck the chlorophyll from plant cells, causing stippling on the leaf surface. Severe infestations result in leaf burn, leaf distortion, and reduced yields.

Keep in mind that some pesticides, such as pyrethroids, carbaryl, and imidacloprid, can actually increase spider mites by killing predators or by increasing the reproductive rate of the mites. When treating mites, choose products that are targeted toward this pest. Manage dust build-up on leaves, water plants down regularly.” – Utah State Extension Small Fruits and Vegetable IPM Advisory

*Remember, in some cases, water can be your best friend. A lot of pests are small and can’t handle high amounts of water.*


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