Every spring the Extension office fills with gardeners bringing in samples of their problematic garden soil asking to have it tested. While we don’t have a lab here in Salt Lake, we can easily assist them with sending the sample to the Utah State University Analytical Lab in Logan. Soil test are important in helping gardeners understand their soil and the impacts soil has on plant growth and health. This can be of even more value to organic growers because starting with a healthy soil can help you avoid a lot of other issues that can arise later in the season (often requiring chemical fixes).
Sampling soil can be as easy as 1, 2 3:

STEP 1. Download the form: http://www.usual.usu.edu/forms/soilform.pdf

STEP 2. Follow the instructions on how to collect your sample (on pg 2) and place 2 cups of soil in a ziplock bag. Next, place sample in a Priority Mail Flat Rate box addressed to USU Analytical Labs.
USU Analytical Labs
Soil Testing Lab
9400 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322
STEP 3. Fill out the form with your information, include a check or cashier check in the amount stated on the form and place it in the mail!If you need assistance in interpreting your soil test results please see the fact sheet below or drop by and talk to your County Extension Agent.