It never ceases to amaze me that if you plant it – they will come! They meaning pollinators, of course. and it meaning plants that attract them. For those of you who are passionate about pollinators – and I am sure that includes everyone – I need to be 100% confident you are aware of a fantastic advocate organization for invertebrate conversation called the Xerces Society ( I am under the personal belief that everything the Xerces Society does is pure nectar (can you tell I am a big fan), but don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself.

I frequent their website in search of all things buzz-worthy, and noticed that they started a new blog featuring invertebrates. I love their feature “Staff Pollinator Pick” that highlights very cool pollinators. Therefore, I dedicate this week to the green orchid bee, sunflower bee, blue-winged wasp, large carpenter bee, small carpenter bee, squash bee, syrphid fly, mining bee, tickle bee, blue orchard bee, painted lady butterfly, and green sweat bee.

Read, learn, and bee-inspired!

Staff Pollinator Pick # 1:  Euglossa dilemma

green orchard bee

Photos by Bob Peterson,

Staff Pollinator Pick #2: Sunflower Bee (Svastra obliqua)

Sunflower Bee

Staff Pollinator Pick #3: Blue-winged wasp (Scolia dubia)

Staff Pollinator Picks #4, 5, and 6!

Squash Blossom Bee

Squash Blossom Bee- Photo Credit: Katie Wagner

Staff Pollinator Picks #7 and 8

Staff Pollinator Picks #9 and 10

blue orchard

Blue Orchard Bee

Staff Pollinator Picks #11 and 12

Green Sweat Bee

Green Sweat Bee
Photo: Katie Wagner