If you have a gardener on your list, count your blessings as gardeners are the easiest group to gift because every year, they want to try-out something new in the garden!  Here are a few great ideas that will ensure you make the ‘nice’ list and are rewarded later with ‘Christmas in July’ gifts from your favorite gardener! 

  1. Gardening gloves (less expensive). Gardeners will typically wear holes in their favorite pair of gloves by the end of summer.  Make sure to buy new ones that are made of the same material your favorite gardener prefers.gloves
  2. Seed starting kits (less expensive). Gardeners love to start their own garden plants from seed since it gives them something to do for the garden in the dead of winter.  Check out this fact sheet for more information on Seed Starting Indoors.

seed tray and warming mat

  1. Light table (moderate to expensive). Although purchased light tables are not necessary to start seedlings indoors (light tables can be constructed inexpensively), light tables are necessary to produce healthy garden seedlings indoors.

great gifts for gardeners

  1. Fruit and vegetable growing factsheets (less expensive). Why reinvent the wheel?  Follow the advice of our experts!  Fact sheets are available online at extension.usu.edu/yardandgarden, or drop by your local county Extension office to pick-up one (or two or three) bound copies.

Veggie Guide Wheel

  1. ‘A Guide to Common Gardening Questions’ – on sale for a limited time only or ‘A Guide to Common Organic Gardening Questions’ (less expensive). These guides make great stocking stuffers! Order one (or three) ONLINE today or call your local Extension Office to see if they have them on the shelf.

USU Gardening Guide


Happy Holidays and a Very Fruitful New Year from USU Extension!