I have already seen several sprinkler systems running full blast which can only mean one thing, our season for irrigation is just around the corner. Rising temperatures and growing plants causes some gardeners to begin to lose sleep over water – is it too much, is it too little or is it just right!  A recent article by Kathy Stephenson from the Salt Lake Tribune titled “Don’t be a water hog: 7 ways to grow a vegetable garden with less H20” put this dilemma front and center.

The seven points they discuss are:

  • 1. Know your soil


  • 2. Water efficiently


  • 3. Water early in the day

 water early in the morning

  • 4. Add mulch

 mulch helps keep weeds down

  • 5. Companion plants


  • 6. Avoid water hogs

 varieties that are recommended for Utah gardeners

  • 7. Understand the container conundrum



For even more tips on conserving water in Utah, check out these water-wise gardening classes

Class Date Time
Creating Waterwise Park Strips  Multiple Dates  Offered  Varies
Best Kept Secrets of Lawn Care (USU Extension)  May 14th 9:00 AM
How to Compost (USU Extension)  May 14th 10:45 AM
Rainwater Harvesting for the Urban Landscape (USU Extension)  August 15th  6:30 PM
Localscapes-Landscape Design Made Simple  Sept. 19th  6:30 PM
Sprinkler System Basics  July 16th  9:00 AM
Drip System Basics July 16th 10:30 AM