Spiders are commonly described as spooky, scary, creepy-crawly and/or frightening. This description, paired with the fact that their encounters with humans increase in the fall, make them a perfect topic to blog about as Halloween nears!


During the fall, many spiders are approaching the end of their life and begin searching for mates, laying eggs and seeking shelter. These activities increase the probability of a run in with a gardener. While many people fear spiders, gardeners are not usually amongst them because they know that spiders are beneficial predators and can be a ‘friend’ in the right setting. The Utah Pests Newsletter (below) from fall 2011 provides great information about commonly spotted spiders and ways to exclude them from the home and avoid potential bites.

PDF of USU Newsletter from 2011
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For tips on how to decrease your exposure to (and fear of) spiders read our blog post from October 2015.