In many respects I consider myself a very lucky person to have a job I love and at times I am treated to job ‘perks’ that really take me over the rainbow.  I enjoyed one such perk last night when I and my family were asked to judge the local honey entries at this years’ Wasatch Beekeepers Association honey contest.

wasatch beekeeping logo

6 entries were judged in 3 categories:

  1. Best tasting honey.

judge tasting honey

  1. Best honey color.

Judge evaluation honey color

  1. Best presentation.

judge evaluating honey flavor

Much deliberation took place (as you can see from the tasting notes below) before winners were announced because all entered honey was unique and exceptional.  Just as exceptional are the members of the Wasatch Beekeepers Association, their enthusiasm for honey and the unbeatable pot luck dinner everyone enjoyed as part of the event!  Thank you to Denise for inviting us again to judge this year and all the beekeepers that submitted delicious honey for us to taste!

honeycomb cakeYoung child eating honey cake

As a side note, beekeepers sometimes ask if we can really taste a difference between honey samples and if we can ever pick up on certain flavors that might be associated with the plants the bees foraged on to produce the honey.  You might be surprised at some of the differences, for example, last year a local beekeeper submitted an entry of honey that was produced from bees that primarily foraged on sagebrush!  Call it sagebrush honey or Great Basin gold, it was delicious!

bee on lavender

Here are the tasting notes for the un”bee”lievable honey entries this year:

  • Entry #1:  Rich, caramel, molasses, cinnamon, with sweet and savory appeal.
  • Entry #2:  Sorghum, molasses with a touch of spice and medium sweetness.
  • Entry #3:  Cinnamon toast crunch, apple flavor that melts slowly into maple syrup.
  • Entry #4:  Bubble gum, savory, spice with unique eucalyptus flavor.
  • Entry #5:  Taffy with a hint of cherry and light bubblegum and peppermint aroma.
  • Entry #6:  Warm complex balanced flavor with rich toasted aroma.

Bees on hive filled with honey

For more information on the Wasatch Beekeepers Association, check out their website at:

USU Extension also maintains a website with excellent information on bees, beekeeping tips and a listing of other local beekeeping associations at: