This blog addresses a lot of gardening topics, but often overlooked is the topic of why we garden, PRODUCE! Yummy, fresh and nutritious food that we can share with our friends and family. Growing our own food allows us to know exactly what went into the meal we find on our plates and now more than ever, people are expecting trust and transparency in regards to their food.

produce at farmers market

This expectation is changing the way we talk and think about food both locally and globally. People are discussing food security, food rescue and other food-focused challenges we will face as our population continues to rise. If these topics have graced your dinner table, you may want to join in a larger conversation by attending the upcoming lecture series hosted by the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) titled Food.

According to their website, this lecture series will host  “preeminent minds in the world of food production who will explore what’s on our plates, how it gets there, who’s at the table, and who’s missing.”

ad for lecture series

The lectures take place from February to April and most are FREE but you need to reserve seats!  Click here for more information!

In addition to live lectures, there have been some great nature/garden inspired podcasts recently on NPR’s RadioWest! Listen below for some more (local) food for thought!

The Nature Fix 

The Sting of the Wild