Fruit trees are on brain of many gardeners this time of year so it is opportune to announce upcoming classes and important resources.

  1. USU Extension Fruit Tree Grafting Classes – learn how to preserve your grandmother’s favorite apple tree!

Flyer with information about grafting classes. Come learn the basics of fruit tree grafting in this hands-on workshop! Grafting is the age-old practice of joining plants to specific root systems to get the desirable benefits of both parts. In addition to learning the science and techniques of grafting, participants will graft two apple trees on semi-dwarf rootstock that they will take home with them at the end of the class. Participants can select from the various heirloom and modern apple varieties supplied.

Come learn the basics of fruit tree grafting in these hands-on workshops!

  1. Critical Temperatures for Frost Damage on Fruit Trees Fact Sheet – with temperatures increasing, fruit tree buds are starting to expand, but we are not out of the woods for a late hard frost. This fact sheet will show you how low temperatures must get before tree fruit flowers are damaged by frost. You can also check out our blog post “Oh Snow” from 2016.

Critical temperature chart for fruit 1

  1. Tree Fruit Integrated Pest Management Pest Advisories – find out what insect pests and diseases you need to be on the look-out for and what do to prevent damage to your fruit trees. Sign-up for these FREE tree fruit pest advisories and let the experts with the USU Extension Utah Pests Team guide on how to grow great tree fruit! They have reformatted to a blog style for 2017 and have a new website at specifically for the advisories.

Fruit tree IPM Advisory for March 2017Fruit IPM Advisory for March 20174