Modern technology makes it so easy to Google a gardening question and quickly receive an abundance of answers from online websites or social media, but have you ever stopped to see where that information is coming from? While we love to hear how gardener’s are growing successfully across the nation, or even around the world, those tips and tricks may not work for us (or you) in the high-elevation desert climate that we call home. It’s like checking the weather in New York before grabbing an umbrella for work in Park City.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map

So, if you’re a Utah gardener looking for a resource that provides relevant information, specific to this climate, then we have the perfect book for you – USU Extension’s “The Ultimate Gardening Guide”. This guide is even co-authored by the creator of this blog- Katie Wagner!

cover of the ultimate gardening guide

The guide compiles the research-based information that was previously scattered in individual Extension fact sheets and places it in your hands in an easy read format, a real book! The best part is that this book is useful to both seasoned gardeners AND newbies. In fact, it is so useful it even made the Herald Journal. Check out the write up here!

“The Ultimate Gardening Guide” is priced at $19.95 and is available at, and Happy reading!