Okay, so let’s step back for a second and consider what happened this past week – 2 inches of snow on the ground after Mother’s Day?  Yep it happened and although atypical for most recent years, snow in May is a real possibility for the Wasatch Front.

flowers with snow

Hopefully you held off planting your warm season veggies but if you could not resist the urge and planted them anyway, hopefully you covered them on Wednesday night.  If you did not and your plants are looking a little dreary, it might be your best option to rip them out and plant some new plants.  Frost damage early in the growing season really puts a hurt on warm season vegetable plants.

Hey, you win some and you lose some – plants are just plants and fortunately for veggie plants, typically highly replaceable.  Check out this KUTV Channel 2 News video about the recent storm and make sure to read the latest Utah Pests advisories concerning coddling moth and snow and cold temperatures.

lettuce with frost