Now that festivities with fireworks have concluded for the year, it is time to enjoy a different kind of explosive color – wildflower blooms! 

Wildflowers in bloom in utah

One of my favorite things to do, period, is to see the wildflower super blooms in the mountains.  Right now, Albion Basin is in full splendor and the sea of colors is unparalleled.  Escape the heat for a few hours and check out the greatest floral show on Earth!  Best yet, it is free and open to everyone – except dogs – leave them at home in the air conditioning.  Take Little Cottonwood Canyon up to the Alta parking lot (the Albion Basin lots will likely be full).  Insider tip: the best floral shows are in the meadows leading up to Albion Basin hiking trails so do not be afraid to walk the few miles to the trailhead – you will be glad you did!  Here are some pictures from our hike last weekend.

Utah wildflowers in bloom Mountain wildflowers in bloom young child enjoying wildflower blooms Wildflowers with snow on peaks behind Pine trees and coneflowers in bloom

In case you want to learn the names of many of the flowers you see on the hike, check out Wildflowers of the Mountain West authored by three of our own USU Extension horticulture faculty.