For many gardeners finding motivation to put the garden to rest for winter can be challenging. After prepping, planting, weeding, harvesting, etc. tearing out the garden can seem like the most daunting chore but it is one of the most important!

garden that needs sanitized before winter

The clean-up, removal, and sanitation of diseased plants in the garden is the first step to a successful growing season in the year ahead. According to the latest Pest Advisory from the Utah Pests Team, “Sanitation is an example of a cultural control in integrated pest management (IPM). It involves removing provisions important to a pest’s survival, such as food, water, or shelter.”

Some examples of sanitation practices include:

  • Removing weeds that harbor pest insects or rodents
  • Eliminating weeds before they produce seed
  • Keeping surrounding areas free of pests and pest breeding sites
  • Removing and destroying infected and diseased plant material
  • Cleaning garden tools and equipment

Read the full advisory below for tips and tricks on preventing disease in the garden and check out our previous blog post “10 Tips for Fall Garden Turn-Down” for a check-list of fall garden chores.

Post-Harvest Cleanup, Tomato Russet Mites, and Diseases

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