Healthy soil = healthy plants! Getting your soil tested helps you evaluate what’s already happening in your soil and better determine what to add in order to grow healthy and productive plants.  Soil tests can also help you protect the environment and potentially save money.


We can’t boast enough about the benefits of soil testing. Obviously it’s something we are passionate about, we have 4 previous posts on the subject!  Don’t worry –we’ve included links to all of them in case you missed them!


Katie Wagner will cover soil testing and soil amendments in upcoming classes at the Conservation Garden Park . Check out the class on Organic Vegetable Gardening in March or the Fall Turn Down class in September. Spring and fall are ideal times to test your soil!

Videos & Blog Posts

Check out our blog posts below and this YouTube video, “How to Gather Samples for a Home Garden Soil Test” to become even more soil savvy!


Print the handout below for a step-by-step guide to collecting and submitting a soil sample. Don’t wait to get your hands dirty, do it today!

USU Extension Soil Testing Handout (downloadable PDF)

Image of page one of soil testing pdf image of page two of Soil Testing PDF