Warm sunny days are here to stay (at least I hope) and USU Extension Master Gardeners are ready to cover some ground (get it, cover some ground) setting roots in this years’ Meals Plus Harvest Garden!  Here in Salt Lake County, our fabulous volunteers grow garden fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for seniors at Salt Lake County Senior Centers.  We call them our “Pop-up Farmers’ Markets” and last year we grew and harvested (along with our friends at Wheeler Historic Farm) over 3,800 pounds of fresh produce to disseminate at 35 free farmers’ markets.  The produce was valued at nearly $10,000 and 1,520 seniors were provided free produce to take home and enjoy!

This year, we are back at it again!  Here are our 2018 garden plans!



Thank you to our very wonderful and enthusiastic group of volunteers that helped us to weed, repair rows, add compost and plant our north and south gardens.  Here are some pictures of all the excitement!