If you are staying in town this 4th of July weekend, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE to not take some time to check out our amazing state in peak bloom.  The mountains are bursting in color – red, white and blue….and yellow and pink and purple and orange blooms EVERYWHERE!  It just goes to show you don’t have to wait for night fall to witness stunning beauty in your backyard!  Check out some recent photos taken at Brighton area hiking trails.  Take my advice and go discover on your own – you will be thankful you did!  Oh and not to end on a sour note, but also check out these two recent Utah Pests Advisories on Greater Peachtree Borer, San Jose Scale, Grasshoppers and Flea Beetles, oh my!

Greater Peachtree Borer and San Jose Scale

Grasshoppers and Flea Beetles


Indian Paintbrush




Happy 4th of July everyone – enjoy the show!