If you are like me, you have been inundated with leaves of late – and with cold wet weather moving in, getting out to rake them is starting to sound less and less enticing.  I’ve always found great humor in the fact that many gardeners rake up leaves and pick to sticks to ‘donate’ to the landfill – only to turn around in the spring and purchase compost back from green waste programs.  I get it, composting takes work and sometimes it’s just easier to purchase an already finished product – but leaves can be composted in back yard compost bins or mulched back into the lawn too.  I ran across this Utah Public Radio segment about incorporating fall leaves into the garden.  Our very own Helen Muntz, USU Extension Weber County horticulture faculty, provided several ways to forego the rake and leave your leaves.  I hope you enjoy the segment as much as I did – thanks Helen!

Utah Public Radio – Avoid the Rake, Leave your Leaves