I sincerely hope you have not gassed out on your grass problems – turfgrass is the number one topic of concern from clients who contact our Extension office with gardening inquiries!!!

As promised, I provided my presentation slides from Saturday March 30th.

Annual Turfgrass Maintenance – JV 2019.pdf

Also, I really must stress that the USU Extension service has EXCELLENT resources on turfgrass establishment, care, triage and winter woes.  And for your time and convenience ♥ I have included links to many of those below – you are welcome and I love you too!

Turf Establishment

Northern Utah Turf Management

Using Compost in Turf

Utah Pests Turfgrass Advisories

Turfgrass Cultivars for Utah

Weed Control in Utah Lawns

Basic Turfgrass Care

Lawn Fertilizers for Cool Season Turf

http://usual.usu.edu/ – USU Soil Testing Lab

https://slowtheflow.org/ – Lawn Watering Guide