Some things are erringly predictable; as the nighttime temperatures dip; spiders start showing-up inside the house and in protected areas around the garden.  Although spooky to some, it is important to remember that spiders are great generalist predators of common garden insect pests and are therefore considered beneficial in the garden.

Katie and her son with a giant spider in the background

yellowsac spider in the garden

It is important to protect yourself from bites though; probably our most troublesome spider, the black widow, loves to hang out in irrigation boxes and outdoor storage areas like garden sheds.  Always take a good look around before reaching into boxes or pulling on stored wellies.  Check out this great article by Ryan Davis, our Utah Pests Team insect diagnostician and ‘sneak a peek’ at the spider identification guide for more information on common spiders to Utah.picture of the webpage where the Urban Pest Identification Guide is locatedFor even more tips on reducing your run-in with spiders read our original post “Don’t Get Spooked Over Spiders!” from 2015.