Growing your own plants from seed can be a rewarding and fun hobby.

Gardeners have a wider range of varieties to pick from when choosing seeds and can gift away extra transplants to a friend or neighbor.

seed trays

We love finding new and convenient ways to share information with a broad audience. Check out our past blog posts, videos and handout below for some fantastic tips on starting seeds indoors. Most of this information targets  those living along the Wasatch Front, but with some slight adjustments it can apply to everyone in Utah!


For tech savvy YouTube types, check out our 2016 post on seed starting equipment which includes a video on how to build your own light table! Then check out our 2017 blog post, “Cabin Fever Reliever”, which includes a 20 minute video walking you through every step of starting seeds indoors. Finally, check out the video below for information on ‘How to Know When to Plant Vegetables”.


Print out the handout below for a list of materials and seed starting tips. Slip a copy in your pocket to take along while shopping for seeds at a local nursery or garden store.

USU Extension’s Starting Seeds Indoors Handout (downloadable PDF) picture of page one of seed starting handout pdf

picture of pdf on seed starting pg 2