This was the first week for our Meals Plus Harvest Garden workdays at Wheeler Farm. Our Master Gardener volunteers rose to the challenge of garden preparation (repair of planting beds, fine layer of mulch on top of planting beds, weeding north and south gardens) and man did they deliver a beautiful prepped garden space!  Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers and especially our wonderful garden managers!IMG953633


Here is our 2016 Meals Plus Harvest Garden planting plan – we are very excited!  A special shout out to Mountain Valley Seed for donating our garden seed. A special thanks to Wasatch Community Gardens too for donating garden starts. And thank you to the Salt Lake County Jail Horticulture Program for donating extra garden plants. This program is a success thanks to our many wonderful community partners and volunteers – Thanks Everyone!  Now, Grow On Garden!

Garden Map North

Garden Map South


Garden Question – Garden Answer!

Q:  Can I recycle grass clippings from my lawn to my garden?

A:  Yes and no, well it depends. Green grass clippings are high in nitrogen but it is best to not add grass clippings from turf that has been treated with broadleaf weed killer in grass.24-D sprayed on lawn Also, make sure clippings are not laden in seeds from weeds (dandelions, annual bluegrass) and, according to our experts, clippings should be returned to the lawn for added organic matter in the soil and reduced need for nitrogen fertilizer to grass.  Contrary to popular myth, grass clippings do not lead to thatch build-up in lawns so recycle them back to the very plants that produced them – how easy is that!