There is nothing like a good snow storm to bring harvest of garden fresh tomatoes to a screeching halt, but a few garden herbs stand tall against the first snow fall.

tomatoes harvested before the snow along side a snow filled garden

I took the opportunity to play in the snow and snap a few photos of my favorite garden herbs for snowy gardens. Here they are, drum-roll please….

  • Sage  – Savory sage butter sauce over pasta – Yummmy!

sage in the garden with snow

  • Oregano – Fresh oregano on pizza, over grilled fish, or chopped-up and mixed into olive oil served with crispy French bread. You are welcome; I just helped you plan dinner for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night!

herb garden with snow on it

  • Rosemary – Chopped and baked into fresh bread or dinner rolls or baked into fresh scones. Now you know what to make for Saturday morning breakfast too!

Herb-rosemary with snow

Anyway you chop it, herbs are awesome and these three rock stars can be enjoyed well into the winter months.  Bring a little spice into your life and plant an herb garden; your taste buds will be glad you did!

P.S.  Herbs grow great in container gardens too, here is a great factsheet for a listing of herbs that grow well in Utah and are suitable for container gardens – Bon Appetite!

young boy clipping herbs with scissors