No doubt, earwigs look eerie, like really eerie with those prominent backside pinchers and nocturnal activity.  And earwigs are prominent in the garden – every gardener has seen them and wondered, are these insects friends or foes.  Often I hear gardeners categorize them in the foe camp which in some cases is valid.  But earwigs can also be our friends, beneficial insects to be more specific.  They are generalist predators and eat some of our other pesty foes, like certain types of aphids.  So this week is devoted to the lovable or not-so-lovable earwig.  Linked are three resources, the first is a Utah Pests post on the benefits of earwigs in apple orchards, the second is the USU Extension fact sheet on earwigs, and the third is an Ask an Expert post of earwig control.

European Earwig: Fruit Pest, Potential Ally, or Both?

European Earwig

Ask an Expert: Four Tips for Getting Rid of Eerie Earwigs